United States Patent Number 4,745,530

United States Patent 4,745,530
Farrell, Jr., et. al.May 17, 1988

Light assembly and mounting apparatus

Inventors: Farrell, Jr.; Mason G. (Renton, WA); Anderson; Craig A. (Seattle, WA); Garoutte; Douglas K. (Federal Way, WA).
Assignee: Target Tech, Inc. (Kent, WA).
Appl. No.: 871,447
Filed: Jun. 6, 1986
Intl. Cl.:H01R 33/06
U.S. Cl.: 362/226; 362/ 80; 340/ 87; 439/571
Current U.S. Class:362/226
Field of Search: 362/61, 80, 226, 311; 339/17 D, 119 L, 125 R, 193 P, 17 LC; 340/84, 87

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Primary Examiner: Scott; Samuel
Assistant Examiner: Flanigan; Allen J.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Hughes, Cassidy & Multer


A light unit having a lower plastic base which is adapted to be fixedly mounted to the exterior of a vehicle, and an upper globe which is screwed to the base. Located inside the light unit is a horizontal circuit board which is connected to the floor of the base by a number of upstanding fasteners. The floor of the plastic base is melded to the metal fasteners each of which includes an upper shaft portion to which the circuit board is secured in electrical contact, and a lower head portion which is located outside the base and which is connected to the vehicle electrical supply to provide electrical power to a light tube inside the globe. The circuit board is removed from the fasteners without having to remove the base from the vehicle or without having to disconnect the electrical wires from the fasteners.

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