A little bit about me...

I graduated from Foster High School in Tukwila Washington in 1992, and graduated with my mother and brother the following June from Highline Community College. After Highline, the three of us transferred to the University of Washington. My mother, Cathy, graduated in 1995 with a BS in Technical Communications. My brother, Corin went into the Computer Science department and graduated in 1996 with degrees in Computer Science and Mathmatics. He is currently continuing his education as a graduate student at the UW. I entered the Computer Engineering department at the UW in 1994, which began my trip to being the 5th generation engineer in my family. I graduated from the University of Washington in June 1996 with a BS degree in Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. Even though I took the traditional CompE path (lots of EE classes, which are hardware oriented), I've also taken a lot of the non-traditional CompE classes that dealt with the software side of computers; for example, graphics, operating systems, databases, etc. I enjoy programming as much as working with hardware.

Outside of school, I like photography, camping, rockhunting (especially looking for Ellensburg blue agate), cave exploring, river rafting (down the Yakima River) and beach-combing.

My first job after graduating was at a software management company called Express Systems. Shortly after I started there, we were bought by WRQ, Inc. At WRQ, I worked on their year 2000 solution, WRQ Express 2000 Suite, and WRQ Express Software manager 4.0. My tasks were to write the client component to identify the software on the network, and the component that combined the information gathered by the clients into a database on which to run reports. More infomation about this product and a free evaluator can be found at WRQ's Express 2000 Suite Web site. From the development standpoint, WRQ Express 2000 Suite was a success because we were able to bring a product from concept to fruition in 100 days.

Currently, I am working for Sierra On-Line, in their Hoyle games group. My job is to convert our Hoyle game that are sold on CD to Internet versions (hosted by won.net), that can be played by anyone; you don't need to buy the product (but I'd really like it if you do).

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