You have found the virtual site that will show the progress of Casey's house, from tearing down the current structures to finishing the new house.

Now, on with the show...

The whole house, including the view of the Cascade Mountains:

Here is a collage of other images taken during the weekends while my family and I have been up at the house doing yard work. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

The house and current trees

The house and garage (look at the view)

The house, garage, and trees

A view of a neighbor house

One more shot of the house and shed

Talk about a nice view...

My dad helping remove all the tree roots

He finally got a hold of it

There I am mowing my lawn

Even my mom is pitching in (she took most the pictures)

There I am working on the back yard

All the paint and other "stuff" that was in the garage

My brother and dad helping split 2.5 cords of wood

My brother and his first piece of split wood

Check out my floorplan, for both the first floor and the second floor.

Casey Anderson

Last Updated: June 15, 1999