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Talking Toaster

Final parts list

Corin Anderson & Chris Setter

CSE 477, Spring 1996


Our project is to design and build a toaster for the Computer Scientist. It's main features will include a voice response system, heat and other sensors for monitoring toast making, and self-actuating bread platform. The user may easily select toast quality from a control panel, and can be assured of a correctly prepared slice every time.

On first glance, the toaster will look like a toaster of the classic 1950's era, complete with polished alluminum sides and traditional toasting lever. Inside, however, is a completely different story. Internal to the toaster will be a microcontroller that will process the sensor input and generate appropriate responses.

Sensors will include ToastHungryPerson proximity sensing, BurntToastCondition detection, and HeatAbsorption measuring. As for user interface, there will be speech recognition and voice repsonse. Further, the speech recognition will be speaker-dependent, so toast can be made custom to multiple users.

To ensure the safety of the ToastHungryPerson, the toaster will be built to properly insulate the line current that is used by the heating coils. Additionally, to ensure the safety of the toaster, the microcontroller will be shielded from the line current switch by external circuitry, such as a transistor.

Major Components

  1. Toaster, 1950's vintage. Available at any second-hand store.
  2. Motorola 6811 class microcontoller. Available in lab.
  3. Voice playback chips: ISD1000A. Available in lab.
  4. Speech recognition chip. HM-2007. Available from Images Company, New York. Two presently on order.
  5. Speaker. Available at RadioShack.
  6. Electret microphone. Available at RadioShack.

Supporting Components

  1. Smoke sensor: LED and photo detector. Available at RadioShack or Supertronix.
  2. Heat sensor: Tempterature sensor IC, part LM34, National Semiconductor. Available factory direct.
  3. Proximity sensor: Pyrometer. Available from any motion sensing lights, alarm, etc. Custom part (extracted from other device).
  4. Bread sensor: LED and photo detector. Available at RadioShack or Supertronix.
  5. Heating Coil current switch: Triac, part TO-220, Motorola. Available at Supertronix or factory direct.
  6. Bread Platform mechanism: Manual lowering level, held down electromagnetically. Electromagnet device removed from existing nonfunctional toaster.
  7. External RAM for holding 6811 program. Chip P5164S-10 (8K static RAM). Available in lab.
  8. Misc. LEDs and buttons.

Packaging Components

  1. Toaster. See Major Components.
  2. PC Board. Available at RadioShack.
  3. Heat shielding. Available at Boeing Surplus Store.
  4. Component housing. Available at RadioShack

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