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Talking Toaster Pictures

Below are about a dozen pictures taken of the Talking Toaster, including the toaster chassis, the wirewrap board, and the sensors and controllers. Each image is a small JPEG, and links to a large (between 800 and 1100 pixels wide) JPEG. If you patience enough to download just one large image, I'd recommend the wirewrap image. Also, these images are saved in truecolor format, and thus look best in 16 bits per pixel modes or greater.

[Assembled Toaster] [Toaster Chassis] [Toaster
Belly] [Logic Box Enclosure I] [Logic Box Enclosure II] [Sensors] [Wirewraps] [Mainboard Components] [End Panel and Receiver] [Servo
and SDS Board] [Motion
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Last modified: September 8, 1996