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Scotland (WWW2006)

Queen Street Station, Edinburgh Queen Street Station, Edinburgh Train at station in Edinburgh Superloo sign Glasgow apartments Oban from Thornloe House Intersection in Oban Albany Street, Oban Albany Street, Oban Flowers 2006051809290 Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Oban waterfront UK colors Tessa on the ferry B&Bs along the harbor Oban ferry dock Oban ferry terminal Oban from the water Oban and McCaig's tower Oban from the water 2006051810043 Kerrera island 2006051810061 Ferry bow opens Isle of Mull Near Fionnphort Rocks near Fionnphort Coaches waiting in Fionnphort Disembarking on Iona Houses on Iona Nunnery on Iona 2006051813191 2006051813200 2006051813213 2006051813220 2006051813260 Fionnphort, from Iona Cemetery on Iona Iona Abbey 2006051813410 2006051814170 2006051814161 2006051814162 Oban harbor Oban harbor Oban harbor Caledonian Hotel, Oban Tulips near McCaig's tower Oban harbor Oban harbor Oban train station Tessa at McCaig's tower Inside McCaig's tower Garden 2006051820430 who have lost their lives off these shores Thornloe house Road down into Oban 2006051907461 Inside McCaig's tower Fushias Leith Links, Edinburgh Rows of guest houses Chimneys Nautical cow Ocean Terminal Tarzan cow Rainy morning 2006052010390 2006052010551 2006052011020 Old Town at Waverly bridge Sir Walter Scott 2006052011170 2006052011171 Climbing the Scott monument 2006052011241 2006052011242 2006052011250 Waverly station and Princes Mall Princes Street Princes St. Gardens Princes St. Princes St. Scott Monument from partway up Princes St. 2006052011334 2006052011335 2006052011336 Looking down 2006052011360 2006052011400 2006052011411 Path at University of Edinburgh Building to be razed 2006052013440 Rob and Erin Edinburgh Castle Window in city wall Edinburgh Castle Beginning of the Royal Mile Braveheart cow 2006052015190 Bicycle rack Bicycle rack Salisbury crags Scottish cow Rob, Erin, and cow Scott Monument Part of Edinburgh Castle 2006052112241 People along Princes St. Tessa on Princes St. 2006052114120 2006052114121 2006052114150 2006052114180 Dynamic Earth Tessa Carlton Hill 2006052116171 2006052116230 Edinburgh from Salisbury crags Tessa at gate at Holyrood Palace Lighter than air cow 2006052117252 Houses at Coates Gardens Princes St. Scott Monument 2006052310141 Carlton Hill 2006052310181 2006052310182 2006052310191 2006052310210 2006052310211 2006052310212 2006052310213 2006052310220 2006052310260 2006052310261 2006052310270 2006052310281 Edinburgh Princes St. from Carlton Hill Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Edinburgh Carlton Hill Holyrood Park 2006052310380 Salisbury Crags 2006052310382 2006052310460 Nelson monument 2006052310481 2006052311031 Edinburgh Castle Entering Edinburgh Castle 2006052312190 2006052312200 2006052312201 Carlton Hill and Waverly Aiming at Scott Monument 2006052312290 2006052312291 2006052312292 2006052312420 Gathering for the one o'clock gun One o'clock gun Photographing the one o'clock gun. One o'clock Quiet for another 24 hours 2006052313040 2006052313231 Tracks at Waverly station Princes St. Gardens The Three Grazers Waverly bridge Corin at Edinburgh Castle 2006052420060 Hagis RBS jetway Leaving Edinburgh Flying above Edinburgh 2006052710561 2006052710562 2006052710563 Sheep very far below 2006052710570 2006052712002 Sports arena in London Above London
Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: May 2006