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Family photos

Christmas 2005, December 25th, 2005. Family Christmas 2003, December 27th, 2003. Family Christmas at Christmas time this year.
Anderson Christmas 2003, December 25th, 2003. Opening gift Christmas morning. Family "Christmas 2002", February 23rd, 2003. After an unexpected delay, the family "Christmas" gathering was at Joyce and Dix's house in Tukwila. And well worth the wait, too!
Family picnic 2002, Tukwila Park, August 10th, 2002. A new venue at Tukwila Park, but same old fun. Family Christmas Gathering, December 29th, 2001. Casey's new house held its inaugral party on a Saturday, with 30 people and 9 cars showing up. Everyone fit, and I got to try out my new Minolta DiMage 5.

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