A Resolution-Independent Pen-and-Ink Illustration Representation


The representation we used in our interactive illustration paper had two problems: it was very large, and it didn't permit rescaling of the illustration. We have developed a new representation which addresses both of these problems. It consists of a small raster image and a set of piecewise-linear discontinuity segments. We also have an algorithm which can produce from this representation an image of arbitrary size which has the properties that it changes sharply across the discontinuity segments and changes smoothly everywhere else. It accomplishes this output by using a modified reconstruction filter which respects discontinuities.

For example, using these discontinuities with a 27x22 pixel image, we produce the greyscale and illustration on the right. Ignoring the discontinuities produces the images on the left.

To generate illustrations, we generate an image of the desired size and fill it with pen-and-ink strokes which match the tone of the image. Here are some illustrations we've made with this system. Click to see them at full size.

Billiard Balls Hand and Egg Pepper




Last updated on March 26, 1996.