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Lighthouse Images
on compact disc

from 4 C's Enterprises

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4 C's Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of four CD-ROMs of Lighthouse Images. Taken by Joyce and Ainsley Dixon during their travels, the CDs include images from the Great Lakes, from the East and West Coasts of the United States, from Greece, and from Australia.

  • All images are royalty-free.
  • Image formats include JPEG and Photoshop
  • Web "screen" resolution and high-resolution (9+ MB)
  • Discs are compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Unfortunately you can no longer buy them online.
  • Or learn more about each, below:
Special Event
"Creative uses of
lighthouse images"
Notes now available!

West Coast East Coast Great Lakes Australian and Greek
[West Coast] [East Coast] [Great Lakes] [Aus. & Gr.]

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